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About Us

griffeinternational.comGriffe International srl has been operating since 1961 and specialises in the production of fashion accessories such as scarves, stoles, shawls, ponchos, hats and gloves woven or knitted for both Men and Women.
We source only the finest raw fibres allowing us to supply top luxury products.
Our company is most dynamic in the field of fashion accessories and thanks to the continuous investments in research, has the ability to offer original and innovative products.
We have recently entered in partnership with SIR GROUP srl, which is the biggest and most potential trading company in this area, in order to expand our business all over the world. This will give us the possibility to invest more in style and in creation for the benefit and interest of us and our customers.
Griffe International srl specialises in the development of PRIVATE LABELS and cooperates closely with the designer and product offices of the most established brands in the industry such as for instance Westwood - Lacoste - Timberland.
With our exceptional craftsmanship, Griffe International srl is one of the few manufacturers in Italy capable of taking the best quality raw materials, through every stage of the process, to perfectly finished luxurious products.
The collection is very wide and therefore able to meet the clients needs. On top of all that, speed and best service is our real excellence. 
All Designs, Materials and Processing are 100% Made in Italy.
For any additional information you may refer to pictures shown on our site which are self explanatory.